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Journal/ Diary binder (only)

Choose the color of your binder to start building your custom journal or diary.

All binders A5

Note: This is only the binder with no inserts.

Mood tracker & Build new habits

Monthly mood planner and Build a new habit.  Monthly pack

Size: A5

The ultimate sugar challenge

Are you up for the ultimate sugar challenge?  This journal insert is a great way to start a new good habit.  

Create a sugar baseline in theā€¦

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Calligraphy brush markers

Calligraphy brush markers dual tip 8pcs

One hole punch
Assorted paper and stickers

15 pcs Assorted vintage papers and stickers.


Assorted paper and stickers with washi tape

15pc assorted vintage papers and stickers with 3 (random colour) washi tapes 

Journal bundle

15 PC assorted vintage papers and stickers 

3 rolls Washi tape (random colour)

1 fine tip cutting pen. 

1 craft blade tool 

1 adhesive roller

Binder with tools

One A5 binder 

1 x One hole punch

1 x slicing craft blade 

1 x adhesive roller 

Fine tip cutting pen

Fine tip cutting pen 

Washi tape green

3 PC random pattern, green washi tape

Washi tape pink

3 PC random pattern washi tape pink 

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